Diseases and Affected Body Parts Explained

Body parts affected with Diseases
Written by Sainath Nuvvula

List of Ailment and their Affected Parts

Here in this post  we have collected the complete list of Diseases and the affected body parts. This will help in understanding and the diseases and help us in taking care.

Disease/Ailment Affected Body Part
Arthritis Joints
Bronchitis Lungs
Carditis Heart
Colitis Intestines
Cystitis Urinary Bladder
Conjunctivitis Eye
Dermatitis Skin
Glossitis Tongue
Hepatitis Liver
Meningitis Brain
Myelitis Spinal Chord
Nephritis Kidneys
Neuritis Nerves
Otitis Ear
Osteomyelitis Bones
Peritonitis Abdomen
Rhinitis Nose
Tonsillitis Throat
Thrombophlebitis Blood Vessels

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