Iron Deficiency (Anemia) – All you should know

Iron Deficiency
Written by Sainath Nuvvula

Iron deficiency is one of the most common medical condition these days. It occurs when the haemoglobin level in the Red Blood Cells (RBCs) decrease. Such a drop in the haemoglobin becomes the prime reason for unhealthy Red Blood Cells, that turns a person anemic, and if the condition persists, then the anaemia can turn chronic.

To carry oxygen to your tissues, the Red Blood Cells require Hemoglobin as a protein, and your body needs Iron in turn to make haemoglobin. This leads to a lack of oxygen in your body that makes you weak and in a long term even weaker.

Major issues of iron deficiency

  • One of the major issues with Anemia is that a lot of people don’t even realize and recognize that there is an Iron deficiency problem going on in their bloodstream until the situation worsens to a great extent.
  • People go on with their life for years and don’t even get to know that their body has a major iron deficiency condition until they cannot continue functioning properly.
  • To understand this medical condition of Anemia we have to understand the Main Causes leading to such Iron deficiency, Symptoms of such lack of Iron, and Iron deficiency treatment.

Main causes for Iron Deficiency

  • Low Iron Intake: Iron forms an integral part of a balanced diet for a person. It’s very important that your diet consists of all different minerals including Iron. If your diet doesn’t have a proper intake of iron for an extended period of time then the situation of iron deficiency in your body will lead you to chronic anemia. Green vegetables are extremely high on iron especially the leafy vegetables.
  • Excessive intake of pain relievers: Excessive intake of pain relievers might cause a condition of internal bleeding in your stomach, and such profuse continued blood loss may bring about a case Iron deficiency in your body.
  • Menstrual abnormalities: For women, the problem of Iron deficiency is even worse because of their monthly menstrual cycle. If there exists any sort of abnormalities that lead to excessive blood loss during their periods then it may cause Iron deficiency in their body. Menorrhagia, hormonal imbalance, side effects of birth control pills could be one of the many reasons for Iron deficiency in a woman’s body.
  • Post pregnancy blood loss: For some women childbirth blood loss is pretty high, following with an even higher post pregnancy blood loss. Such excessive continued blood loss causes an Iron deficiency condition in their body.
  • Celiac disease: Sometimes even after consuming enough iron a person can still have to suffer from Iron deficiency. Digestive disorders such as Celiac disease may limit the amount of iron your body absorbs. Also, any kinds of intestinal surgeries may limit the absorption of iron in your bloodstream causing a condition of Iron deficiency.

Symptoms of Iron deficiency

  • Fatigue: Constantly feeling tired, and a prolonged feeling of exhaustion might be an Iron deficiency symptom in your body.
  • Cold hands and feet: Another symptom of Iron deficiency is having cold hand and feet all the time irrespective of the temperature out there.
  • Irregular heartbeat: Sudden palpitations or low rate of heartbeat might be a symptom of Iron deficiency in your body.
  • Trouble breathing: If you have trouble breathing it might be because there isn’t enough oxygen in your blood, which is an outcome of Anemia.
  • Craving inedible items: We often find kids wanting to eat dirt or clay. This might be a clear symptom of Iron deficiency and if not treated properly it can lead to chronic Anemia.
  • Headaches: There can be varied different reasons for having a headache, but if you are constantly getting continued headaches and it’s followed with the other symptoms then deficiency might be the cause.
  • Soreness, Swelling, and Crawling sensation: If your body feels sore, and you find swellings in any part of your body then it could be an Iron deficiency symptom. Also, the sensation of something crawling over your skin can also be another major symptom.

Treatment for Anemia

  • Taking Iron supplements: There are a great many pharmaceutical companies that make side effects free iron supplements to cover up for the deficiency.
  • Treatment for non-absorption of Iron: If there is a case of any underlying disease that’s causing the deficiency in your body then those need to be treated that in turn will be a part of the Iron deficiency treatment.


  • Self-diagnosis is not the right thing in case of something as serious as Iron deficiency.
  • If you have any of these symptoms then you have to consult a specialist to get your deficiency treatment done.

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